Collateralised NFT & DeFi Liquidity Protocol

Decentralised marketplace for easing liquidity in NFT & DeFi

The Goal/Vision

The Goal/Vision

Hundreds of thousands of creators and an even higher number of enthusiasts are engaged in creating Millions of dollars in value in the NFT space today. With the ever growing transfer and value of NFTs, it is creating a liquidity challenge in the market.

The DeFi space faces a similar challenge in the form of millions of staking yield locked to be matured at a future date. We aspire to solve it through our liquidity enabling - NFT collateral and future yield trading marketplace.

Our Implementation

  • Enabling NFT Owners To Borrow Against Their Assets As Collateral On Fair Interest Rates

  • Allowing Liquidity Providers To Participate Either Through Direct Bidding Or Joining Pools With Predefined Interest Rates And Duration

  • Mitigating Risk By Analysing In Advance - The LTV And Liquidation Threshold

  • Both Lenders & Borrowers Can Opt For Either Pool Or P2P Marketplace

Platforms We Support

Our Team

Yash Jejani


6+ years of experience in business development, finance and compliance. Worked in Healthtech, Cleantech, IOT & SaaS. RunsBitlumex, a million USD ARR product.

Setu Saurabh


11+ years of experience in product management, Ex-Blockchain Product Manager at ConsenSys -,Startup Ex-PM,Gaana($4 Billion Company)

Yuvraj Chibber


Marketing Officer at Ankr ($1.1B market cap). Community Lead inBithumb Global, a worldwide distributed digital asset exchange, and Prometeus Labs.

Varun Satyam


6+ years of business development, product management and user experience. Ex Ankr, UI/UX at Bitfinex, contributed in Chia Network,Coldstack.

Shashank Kumar

Security Analyst

Security researcher for 9 years across Binary,Cobalt, Synack,Hackerone etc. Hall of fame inductee;Facebook, Google,, Avalance,Polkadot..

Pinnam Bharat


Ex-Head of Community at Blume - Ventures (a $250 million fund)Previous engagements include partnership lead at SV.CO, a PPP modelled accelerator, Tata Motors.




Frequently Asked Questions

How Price Discovery Works On The Strip Platform?

The Asset Prices Visible On Strip Are Directly Fetched From The NFT Marketplaces We Have Partnered With. We Do Not Make Any Changes In Those Prices In Either Crypto Or Fiat Terms.
Strip Supports BSC Ecosystem Platforms Like Bakery Swap, Wazirx, Battle Pets Etc In V1. Going Forward It Would Support Other Blockchain Ecosystem Platforms Like Rarible, Opensea, Superrare Etc.
An NFT Owner Can Sign-In On The Strip Platform Using Metamask Which Holds The NFTs. The User Can Then Approve To Lend It On The Platform And Wait For The Lender To Bid Their Proposed Interest Rate And Time Period. Once Approved, The NFT Owners Aka Borrower Receives The Funds And NFT Is Transferred To The Escrow Contract. Another Way Is To Pledge Your Asset In A Pool Of NFTs Which Is Classified On The Basis Of Artist Of The Art To Determine The Risk And Assign Value. The Pool Already Has A Predetermined Time Frame And Interest Rate. On Maturity, The Borrower Has To Repay The Amount.
As A Lender, You Can Sign-In On The Platform Using Metamask Possessing The Stablecoins. Under The Lend Tab, One Can See All The NFTs Available With Artists And Owner Details. You Can Bid For The Ones That Match Your Risk Criteria. Upon The Borrower’s Acceptance Of Your Bid, The Determined Amount Will Be Transferred. Another Approach Is The Pool Approach Where You Can Lend To The Pool With A Predetermined Interest Rate And Time Duration.
We Already Have Incorporated Several Ways To Reduce Risk By Artist Profile; Past Sales Aggregates And Frequency Of Sales Volume, NFTs Trading History, Owner’s Credit And Risk Score Etc. Also, The LTV (Loan To Value) Ratio Is Never Higher Than 75% Even For The Best Creators And Typically Ranges Between 35-60% For Moderate Ones. In Case Of A Price Fall, This Ensures The NFT Value Would Continue To Be Enough To Pay Back The Lender. Once The Asset Prices Fall Below This Threshold, The NFT Is Automatically Liquidated On A Marketplace.